Installation of the AMP Toolbar

  1. From the AMP dashboard, navigate to the Toolbox tab.

Dashboard tools

  1. Select the desired browser plugin to download and begin the installation process.AMP toolbox page

Chrome: Select “Add to Chrome” to complete the Installation.

Chrome installation

Firefox: A download will begin. Open the download when finished and follow the installation instructions to allow the add-on in Firefox.

Firefox installation

Using the AMP Toolbar

The AMP Toolbar can be used to manually test individual pages of a site and save the results directly to a report. The process is the same for both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

  1. After logging into AMP in the browser, navigate to the desired page for testing, and then select the Alchemy extension button in the browser.

Chrome toolbar example

  1. The test will run automatically and the results can be reviewed and organized by violation type. The results can be saved to a report by selecting the “new report” button.

Save report through "new report" button

  1. Next, on the Save to AMP Report window, select a project to save the report under. Finally, select a report that will be storing the report results. While navigating the site with the testing screen open, the AMP toolbar will continue to record the results to the selected report.

Saving to a report