The UA Center for Instructional Technology Emerging Technology and Accessibility team offers accessibility consultations and reviews for course materials, web sites, and technology tools. This does not replace accommodations an individual user may need and request, but a focus on accessibility can address common challenges with digital content to make it more usable and accessible for all users.

Course reviews:

Instructors, departments, and programs can request a course materials review to assist with their accessibility efforts. Course materials reviews may include

  • making a plan to incrementally address large volumes of content or large numbers of courses
  • sharing best practices for documents, presentations, and instructional technologies, and
  • creating equivalent access approaches for discipline-specific tools and content that present accessibility challenges.

To request a course materials accessibility consultation and review, contact

Web accessibility reviews and planning:

University community members can request automated, manual, and functional testing of a web site, tool, or application based on UA’s web accessibility guidelines. Assistance with accessibility planning is also available. This may include:

  • Evaluation of existing web accessibility status.
  • Suggestions on ways to make sites or tools more accessible.
  • Assistance with developing a plan to prioritize and implement accessibility efforts.

To request a University website accessibility consultation and review, contact