What’s new on Rev

As part of the University of Alabama’s Technology Accessibility Initiative, the Technology Accessibility team administers captioning grants that may be used to and/or transcribe UA-owned video and audio that will be shared on public or campus-wide websites. Rev, the captioning vendor with whom we contract, recently announced these new features. Logged-in UA Rev.com users can access these and future updates via the notifications tab in the top menu bar.

All Transcripts Synced to Audio

Published by Rev on March 4, 2019

Reviewing transcripts alongside audio or video can be difficult sometimes. A quick distraction can cause you to completely forget where you were in the text! Then you have to take your best guess at scrubbing the video back to where you were.. equally frustrating.

It happens, we feel you – that’s why we built read-along tracking into every new transcript you order. Now words are highlighted on the transcript as they are spoken in the media player, and scrubbing the audio/video brings the highlight along with it. Let yourself get distracted, the Rev Editor has your back!

Add Insightful Comments in Rev’s Transcript Editor

Published by Rev on March 12, 2019

Do you want to leave in-line comments on your transcript for your teammates & clients? Do you keep notes in the Rev Editor, but wish they were more specific to a certain segment?

Even if you don’t use the Rev Transcript Editor (we see you downloaders..), here’s great reason to start: you can now leave comments in-line with your transcripts! Take a look at how it works below: