Texthelp tools for remote learning and working

Texthelp offers a collection of Mac and PC desktop software, Google Chrome apps and extensions, and iOS and Android apps that support reading, writing, language learning and STEM subjects. Texthelp tools freely available to all UA students, faculty and staff include: Read&Write, a literacy support toolbar with supports for reading, writing, research, and studying; EquatIO, an application you can use to type, handwrite, or speak to create equations, formulas, and other math and chemistry expressions; and Snapverter, an easy to use add-on for Read&Write for Google Chrome and iOS app that transforms papers and files into readable PDF documents.

Here are some tips on how to use Texthelp tools to enhance remote learning and working, from the Texthelp blog:


  • Provide consistent literacy support inside and outside of the classroom
  • Use Voice Note to provide personal, oral feedback for assignments
  • Build resources with Vocabulary Builder
  • Highlight notes to aid learning and set research and tasks using the Highlighter tools
  • Provide students with the ability to review content in alternative ways – using Audio Maker to create an audio version of content
  • Enable leveled reading opportunities with ‘Simplify’ – students can self select reading level on any web page
  • With our PDF Reader – easily annotate notes, complete PDF worksheets and provide marking and feedback quickly and easily
  • And for our customers using Microsoft, Read&Write offers support across assignments in Teams, and for students using Office 365 on desktop or Word Online students get consistency of support no matter where they are learning.

Video: Using Read&Write for Remote Working

EquatIO mathspace

  • Create rich math resources and activities in mathspace then create as an assignment shared via Google Classroom.
  • Not only can students work within EquatIO mathspace, but you can also share problems with students, keep track of responses, and provide instant feedback.
  • As students work to complete math problems by themselves or with their classmates in groups online, you can check for their process and understanding.
  • With access to feedback from their teachers, students can continue the learning process without having to be present in the classroom. They can return their updated work to their teacher through EquatIO mathspace. This helps create a valuable, ongoing feedback loop between teacher and student.

Video: Using EquatIO for Remote Working