Testing PDFs for Accessibility

  1. Starting from the AMP dashboard, select “Projects”, “View All Projects”, then “Create Project”.


  1. Give the project a name and select “Make it happen.”

Name the project

2A. Alternatively you can add the PDF test to an existing project on your AMP account. The steps for doing this are:

i. Go to the project, and select “Reports.”

ii. Choose a report.

iii. On the Report dashboard, select “Modules”.

iv. Select “Report Modules” on the submenu.

v. Select “Add Module.” The pop-up box allowing you to add a PDF will appear, as shown below.

Add Module

3.  Next in the Project dashboard, create a report to test the PDF. Make sure media type is set to “Adobe Acrobat PDF”.

Create a report

  1. Next, from the Report dashboard, select “Modules”, then “Report Modules” on the submenu. From the Report Modules dashboard, select “Add Module” to add the pdf to test.  If the PDF is online a URL can be entered or if it is saved locally on the computer a PDF can be uploaded. Finally, select “Make It Happen.”

add module direction

Add a module

Uploading a PDF

  1. Select run test under the “manual testing” column for AMP to run its test.

Run the test under "manual testing"

  1. Return to the Project Dashboard to view the results under reports.

View results