Updated Texthelp tools

Updated versions of two Texthelp tools, Read&Write and EquatIO, are now available on the OIT website, along with updated installation instructions: Texthelp in the OIT software catalog

Texthelp offers a collection of Mac and PC desktop software, Google Chrome apps and extensions, and iOS and Android apps that support reading, writing, language learning and STEM subjects. Texthelp tools freely available to all UA students, faculty and staff include: Read&Write, a literacy support toolbar with supports for reading, writing, research, and studying; EquatIO, an application you can use to type, handwrite, or speak to create equations, formulas, and other math and chemistry expressions; and Snapverter, an easy to use add-on for Read&Write for Google Chrome and iOS app that transforms papers and files into readable PDF documents.

Video: Introduction to using Read&Write at University

Video: Introducing EquatIO® – Make Math Digital. Make Math Together

Video: Introduction to Snapverter – An Add-On for Read&Write