Texthelp Higher Education Summer Camp

The Texthelp tools freely available to all UA students, faculty and staff are: Read&Write, a literacy support toolbar with supports for reading, writing, research, and studying; EquatIO, an application you can use to type, handwrite, or speak to create equations, formulas, and other math and chemistry expressions; and Snapverter, an easy to use add-on for Read&Write for Google Chrome and iOS app that transforms papers and files into readable PDF documents.

From Texthelp:

Join us for a summer full of learning, new ideas, and useful strategies! During our seven week series, we’ll focus on the key features within Read&Write and EquatIO, while leaving you with practical strategies when working with students. Be sure to invite campus partners, administrators, instructional designers, or peers who might need to brush up on their knowledge, explore applicability on campus, or to help support the transition to online learning. Both beginners new to the products and experienced users wanting review will take away tidbits to add to their toolboxes.

All Camp Sessions will be held from 1:00-2:00pm CST (11:00am PST; 12:00pm MST; & 2:00pm EST)

Sign up once for access to all weeks of our summer camp. Even if you can’t make it, we’ll send you copies of the recordings:
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Week 1: Tuesday, June 30th: Back to the Basics

Read&Write works in a variety of places and applications where students commonly complete course
work. We’ll break down these locations, discuss the installation process, and provide an overview
of the resources available for staff and student users.

Week 2: Tuesday, July 7th: Reading & Study Skills

Reading is a central instructional method in higher education. Ensuring students can read and
understand is key. We’ll discuss the reading tools built into Read&Write while focusing on study
skills and practical strategies students can use. With the increase in remote, secure testing
tools, we’ll showcase developments around how Read&Write can support exam proctoring.

Week 3: Tuesday, July 21st: Writing & Research

In higher ed, writing is a key aspect used to assess understanding and learning. We’ll walk through
the writing process from a student’s perspective while focusing on the tools within Read&Write that
can support a writing assignment from start to finish.

Week 4: Tuesday, July 28th: Alt Media & Document Workflow

Campus staff are responsible for providing textbooks and course readings to students. We’ll break
down this workflow and leave you with a step-by-step process to help you create readable files. By
capitalizing on tools built-in Read&Write as well as your file management system on campus, you can
update and streamline your process before the new academic year begins.

Week 5: Tuesday, August 11th: Tackling Math & Science Content with EquatIO

Teaching STEM content online as well as ensuring that content is accessible can be a challenge for
any campus. We’ll feature EquatIO, our digital math and STEM creation tool, showing how it can:

  • Support campuses as they teach STEM content online
  • Support Disability & Accessibility Resource Offices as they create accessible math/STEM
  • Utilize this tool as a method of accommodation for students with disabilities

Be sure to invite your Instructional Designers or Document Remediators to this session!

Week 6: Tuesday, August 18th: Implementation Strategies: Groups & Across Campus

All students across campus can benefit from using Read&Write. We’ll share implementation strategies
as you get the word out to students who work with your office or across campus. We’ll address
strategies around gaining allies, administrative buy-in, rationalizations of need, and financial

Week 7: Tuesday, August 25th: Kickoff to Back to School

We’ve been busy this summer at Texthelp just as institutions have been preparing for the new
academic year. We’ll share Read&Write and EquatIO product updates, new resources for institutions
and users, discuss the projected landscape of higher ed for the next year, and share
usage strategies whether students are on campus or attending classes remotely.

Your Summer Camp Counselor will be Rachel Kruzel – Territory Sales Director
Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, & Missouri