EquatIO Mobile is here

Last month, we introduced the Texthelp tools now freely available to UA students, faculty, staff, and departments, including EquatIO, which helps users create equations, formulas, and other math and chemistry expressions on a computer or Chromebook. Here’s a look at EquatIO Mobile, released last week, just in time for Pi Day!

Video: How to Use EquatIO® Mobile

A mobile companion to EquatIO for Google Chrome and EquatIO mathspace on the computer or Chromebook, EquatIO Mobile lets you add handwritten math, images, and more to digital documents. Currently available for use on Android devices using Google Chrome or iOS devices using Safari, EquatIO Mobile automatically finds and lets you add digital math to the active documents you have open with EquatIO on your computer or Chromebook.

There are three ways to add math:

  • Draw Math, which lets you use the touchscreen of your phone or tablet to handwrite math (handy for users who prefer to handwrite math but don’t have access to a touchscreen computer or Chromebook)
  • Record, which lets you dictate your math into your microphone
  • Math Image, which lets you take a photo with your camera (great for adding handwritten math on a scratch piece of paper, a worksheet, and whiteboard content)

After writing, speaking, or taking a picture of your math, you can add it to a document open on your computer or Chromebook. There are two upload options:

  • Save as Math, which converts spoken or handwritten work into typed math
  • Save as Image, which takes a screenshot of your math and uploads it to your document

To learn more about EquatIO Mobile, check out this Texthelp blog post: EquatIO Mobile: Digital Math in the Palm of your Hand.

Note: The first time you use EquatIO Mobile, you will be prompted to sign in using Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Students should select Google and sign in using a Crimson Mail account. Faculty/staff may select Microsoft and sign in using a @ua.edu Office 365 account, or, to request authorization for an email address connected to a Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, please contact accessibility@ua.edu.