About AMP

The University of Alabama has a 3-year license with unlimited users for the Level Access’ (formerly SSB Bart Group) Accessibility Management Platform. AMP is a web-based tool that allows for single-sign on access to evaluate website accessibility based on UA’s adopted guidelines, WCAG 2.0 AA. The system offers many options, including automated, guided manual, and functional testing; browser plug-ins; and reports of varying detail and technical levels. It supports a wide variety of content types and PDF testing. The AMP system for categorizing accessibility issues (severity, noticeability, tractability) allows web developers and content managers to prioritize web accessibility efforts; it also offers best practices, remediation steps, and code examples to educate and guide users to repair issues. Campus web teams will be able to use AMP to produce status reports needed to evaluate and demonstrate our progress in making institutional web resources more accessible.

Why did UA choose AMP?

The University of Alabama web community participated in a lengthy needs assessment and vendor evaluation process. Several leading accessibility evaluation and reporting solutions were examined and Level Access’ Accessibility Management Platform was selected. AMP appears robust and technical enough to help developers while offering user-friendly and appropriately explanatory auditing and reporting for content managers. It meets the UA web community’s technical requirements and preferred criteria.

AMP Resources

AMP Resources provides step-by-step guides to help UA users begin working with the Accessibility Management Platform.