What is Accessibility On Demand?

The Accessibility on Demand widget is a default widget on the AMP Dashboard, which allows users to quickly perform testing on public facing content. The advanced options also allow the user to create an AMP Test directly through the widget.

How to Add: Accessibility On Demand

  1. New users may need to add the widget to the AMP Dashboard. Select the “Add Widget” plus icon. add widget button
  2. In the “Add Widget” window, and find the widget named “Accessibility On Demand”.
  3. Select “Add Widget”.  The “Accessibility On Demand” widget will now appear on your dashboardAdd widget interface

 How to Use: Accessibility On Demand

  1. In the Accessibility on Demand window, enter a URL into “Start URL” text box.
  2. Select “Make it happen”.
  3. Accessibility On Demand

  4. AMP will begin testing the URL automatically, and this should take a short period of time.
    Testing the URL
  5. Once the test is complete, select the URL link generated by AMP to view the report and the overall compliance score.
    Testing is complete
  6.  For help on using more advanced configuration and features, such as adding tests to different projects, limiting page count and limiting URL depth, refer to the “Creating a Test” tutorial