An AMP Test is a saved accessibility audit configuration. Users create AMP Tests in order to set up repeatable audits.  This allows users to enter the desired Test settings once, allowing them to conduct the same audit multiple times. Each time an AMP Test is run, a new Report is generated. This is especially useful when conducting regression testing, or re-testing the same content. Additionally, this allows users to perform meaningful side by side report comparisons, and provides for accurate trend analysis. Tests can be ran on a single web page, or through a whole URL tree to test accessibility.

Begin Reviewing a Test

  1. Log into AMP at
  2. Navigate to “AMP Dashboard” > Reports > “View All Reports”

View submenu for view all reports

  1. Select the “Report Name” of a specific test.

Select a report name to get taken to the report dashboard.

  1. Select Violations > “Violations by Priority”

Report violations

  1. Select a specific Violation Name. Selecting “Provide Alternative Text for Images” will display examples, recommendations, modules, standards, and tests.

Selecting a violation name will provide a page with more details about the violation

  1. Selecting Modules will open the specific issues located within a violation.

Selecting Modules gives detailed information about a violation

  1. Selecting an instance name (“WOTINFO – Efficiency Trend”) will provide more detail about a module.

Selecting a specific violation name will open smore details about a violations module.

  1. The Modules Violation displays pertinent information about each individual instance of a module violation as well as the URL of each web page where the violation occurs.

Preview of each individual instance with severity and location.